Setup Linksys QoS (Quality of Service) for CCNA

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Published: 17th January 2011
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This tutorial will show you how to use the Linksys QoS (Quality of Service) feature. This includes configuring the router to allocate bandwidth based on the traffic type. This article is designed for CCNA students, network engineers, and anyone looking to deploy a Quality of Service policy using the Linksys wireless router. This article falls under the CCNA syllabus's objective "Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN". The Linksys router is sophisticated wireless router. In fact, it allows you to prioritize sensitive traffic above others types of traffic. The Linksys router helps you ensure appropriate quality of service for each network application. Therefore, traffic with high priority (videoconferencing, instant messaging, emails, online games.) will gain more bandwidth than traffic with medium priority, which will gain more bandwidth than traffic with low bandwidth. The Linksys router manage the quality of service based on the type of the activity (surfing the web (HTTP), downloading files (FTP), managing a service/host through the command line (Telnet), sending/receiving emails (SMTP/POP3), remote access (IPSec, PPTP), .). Read the following instructions in order to configure the QoS feature:

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser application, and enter the IP address in the address field. Then press Enter.

Step 2: In the authentication dialog box, enter the administrator's username and password. The default values are admin/admin for the username/password. However, on some Linksys router platforms, the default value for the username is the blank and for the password is admin.

Step 3: Click Applications & Gaming.

Step 4: Click QoS.

Step 5: Click Enable in order to activate the QoS feature. Otherwise, click Disable.

Step 6: For each application, set the appropriate QoS priority. The QoS screen offers three options:

  • High (traffic will gain up to 70% of the bandwidth).

  • Medium (traffic will gain up to 15% of the bandwidth)

  • Low (traffic will gain up to 10% of the bandwidth)

Step 7: If your application does not figure out in the preset list, then you can add up to three new applications by entering their port numbers and then set the QoS priority for each of them.

Step 8: Click Save Settings.

Visit this website to prepare for the CCNA exam and learn more about Linksys router setup.

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